Your Boat Accessories

Posted on 23rd March 2013 in Accessories, Boat Accessories, Shopping

Since it’s summer time (here in the Philippines) it surely nice to go somewhere cool and fun for the season. Beaches, and lake are the best places to hang out during hot season. For that, you can always find a cheap boat covers to cover up your boat after the summer season is over. That way your boat won’t get dirty while unused. Anyway, I know some of you is still far from summer time, but its best to find your boat accessories early while in stock.

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Feeling So Stress Out!

Posted on 23rd March 2013 in Journal

We are in a midst of moving into our home town right now that I am so stress out. Everything is a mess. The house construction is still going on, so I felt like we are not making any progress at all as we can’t arrange our stuffs in a right place. I feel the frustration, but can’t complain. I just need to be patient until the house is finish so we could move in into our house and be comfortable. I can’t wait this mess to be over soon. Few more weeks to go though. Hopefully the stress won’t kill me!

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Discount Vacation Packages Deal

Posted on 21st March 2013 in Package Deal, Travel, Vacation, Vacation Deals

I wish we could go on vacation this year since the kids are out of school already. But too bad, it is impossible to go anywhere this time especially the house construction is still on going. The kids wanted to go somewhere badly because I’d promised them that we could go on vacation, but because of the time conflict we simply couldn’t go anywhere. I hope they understand that we have to have a house finish first before we could plan anything.

But there is always a next time. I aim for a October vacation, that if the kids school break won’t be too hectic. By then, I could find us a discount vacation packages that will fit into our budget. That will be so sweet if it happens though. The kids would love a week vacation somewhere. They already have passports, so that shouldn’t be any problem to take them anywhere in Asia. I am really looking forward to it, but I can’t tell the kids just yet as I don’t want to disappoint them if the plan will fail. I hope it won’t though for am excited myself especially that I though of strolling in Singapore.

Anyway, getting a discount vacation packages deal would be so sweet especially there are so many of us who wants to go on vacation. I need all the discount I can get so we can have some spending money and be able to enjoy the vacation.

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It’s Summer Time In Philippines!

Posted on 21st March 2013 in Education, Family.

Yeah, this is only mean one thing, the kids are out of school for the school year yesterday. So happy me because we all needed a break. No more getting up so early for more than (2) months. That is really sweet! So glad our two boys have graduated in school grade, which means they will be in high school for the next school year. It will be the next chapter of learning and also challenging. I can only hope for the best for my children that they will work hard in learning for their education.

Anyway, I congratulate our two sons for they have made. We made it all with great patience, kindness and love. I’m so proud of them for the hard work. It was not an easy year, but we did it all, and I’m so proud. I also congratulate my cousin who graduated from high school yesterday. I’m proud that he made it. Although I had doubt at the beginning but he proved himself that he can do it. We are so proud and happy for them for the hard work they’ve done in school. Congrats boys!

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A Good Friend’s Beautiful Home In NC!

Posted on 12th February 2013 in Business, Home, Real Estate

I wish to visit a good friend who lives in North Carolina with her family one day. She has invited me to come visit them a countless times already, but because of the time conflict I never got to go yet. I know she lives not too far from the shore. I bet it’s beautiful where she lived. I’ve only seen their beautiful home in the pictures. I love their new home that they got at the jacksonville nc mls. So happy for their new beautiful place as they got it in such a great deal. I can’t wait to see it soon. I aim to see them in spring if time allows. It is my turn to visit them since she visited us in Texas few years back. That would be fun to see her again especially we both have the little ones to tag along now.

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Way Too Behind For All the Updates!

Posted on 12th February 2013 in Family., Health

Yep! That’s right I am way too behind for all the updates since I posted here last. After the festivities in my home town, we went back to the city right away at our pad, but unfortunately we all got sick. The virus has been going around that the husband got it too as soon as he arrived in town. I just felt sorry for the little ones who were sicker than anybody else. Our eldest son was not the strongest one of all that he was hospitalized for (3) days. He got a pneumonia and his lungs was not strong so his doctor advised us to take him to ER. It was a nightmare looking after my sick family for I was sick myself as well. From lack of sleep is why I felt so weak, but the kids needed me so I had to do something to keep us all alive. Thankfully we are now all feeling better and our eldest got out of the hospital and so he’s back to school already. Thank GOD we all survived. Crossed fingers that the virus won’t come back anymore as we don’t need it around here. So now I need to resume blogging and updates all my blogs that needed an update so badly!

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